Exclusive Video Interview: Single Drunk Female Costars Dish on Season Two

Single Drunk FemaleFreeform’s Single Drunk Female may be a comedy, but it always reminds us that getting sober is a serious and sometimes selfish business. Last season, Sam (Sofia Black-D'Elia) had to really focus on herself and learn to avoid the people and situations that triggered her drinking, which wasn’t too hard for someone as naturally self-absorbed as Sam.   

But last week’s season premiere finds Sam with 18 months of sobriety under her belt, a feeling like she has a life worth celebrating. She’s starting to think outside herself and rebuild healthy relationships. This is great news for viewers, as Sam takes more of an interest in other people, and we get to see more of her friends and family.

SciFi Vision recently got the lowdown on season two from costars stars Sasha Compère (Love Life, Miracle Workers), Lily Mae Harrington (Some Freaks, Room 104) and Garrick Bernard (best known as a standup comedian and writer for Star Trek: Lower Decks).

Compère’s character, Britt, is struggling to navigate the perfect divorce. This season, she told us, “You see Britt start to lean a little bit more on both Sam and Felicia as sources of friendship and sources of finding resolve and really just trusting people again.”

Throughout the new season, Harrington’s Felicia continues to be a steadying force for all her friends, but she’s got a new boyfriend. “We get to see her in a more vulnerable state where she doesn't have all the answers all of the time,” said the actress. There’s also a potential bump in the road. Harrington teased: “She's maybe got some old people from her past coming back in and trying to shake things up. At the end of the day, she's just trying to take care of her kid and also get what she needs.”

One of the major arcs in season two is James’ relapse and how that affects his relationships with almost everyone. It’s a well-written story that reflects and magnifies Sam’s selfishness and how she might or might not be able to help her friend. “With James,” Garrick explained, “him relapsing and then trying to figure out what being sober means to him, he also becomes selfish and also has these lofty goals that he needs to refocus on or fix and not be so [falsely] confident. He definitely has to have a more solid foundation than he set up before, because that was all based off of fake rules that only benefit him and make him seem perfect on paper, when in actuality, he's crumbling.”

Watch the group interview below and tune in to episodes three and four (“Normie” and “4th Step”) tonight at 9 pm ET on Freeform, or catch the entire season streaming on Hulu.

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